ATELIER   Scenography


SCENIC ART    Scenographer, set designer   -  decoration design for TV, Film        

cultural festivals, exhibitions

  designer work for companies and state institutions,  cooperate with manufacturer.


Services -  Consultation for TV, FILM  productions

CULTURAL HERITAGE     Aristocracy Chateaux - Castle in Bohemian Kingdom      16 th - 19 th century

  Informations about  historical places and objects

Specialist  consultation -   history research,   annotation, the built heritage, cultural heritage



  COSTUME DESIGNER  for Theatres, Opera houses, TV, Film productions

  Design of period Costumes and Accesorries, luxury masks  

Design of modern.fantasy, sc-fi. costumes

          design of historical, contemporary leather and metal equipments, accessories        

Designer supervisionon on project + administration


Services -  administration + designer selection of period costumes for TV, Film projects in Europeanś  rental stores

Atelier contact + 420  223 000 130  Mrs.Růžena Krompholcová,   contact atelier@scenography .cz 

Atelier technical support   Mr. Jaroslav Tůma

Monday - Friday            8 a.m. - 5.p.m.



Professional  artistic servises for Film, TV, cultural projects.




 Atelier is proprietary of Scenography International s.r.o.  Sezemínská 2028 / 1, 155 00, Praha 5  CZ, EU

Smluvní podmínky ČR :

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2020 -  2021      Minister of Culture Czech republic       scenographer ´s   quarantine  project 
Ministry of Industry and Trade Czech republic
Production Scenography International
in progress   :  scenography  .  light design .  7 abstractś paitings  .  performance



Photography : Paradise,  Mixedmedia on canvas    150 x 100       abstract painting